Tax Depreciation Schedules?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Property Tax Depreciation.

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What is property tax depreciation?

Allowances have been made by the  Australian Tax Office to encourage investment in residential and commercial property Property investors can claim depreciation (or wear and tear) on the structure and items within the investment.

What is the difference between prime cost and diminishing value depreciation?

Two methods are available to investors with regards to plant and equipment depreciation. The diminishing value method or prime cost method.

Essentially, the diminishing value method, allows you to claim a greater percentage of the asset in the early years of ownership.

Alternatively, the prime cost method, is a more consistent, straight line method of depreciation assets.

The method that you use will depend on your personal circumstances and how long you intend to hold the asset. Once a particular method has been used you cannot then move to the other method of depreciation.

Can I claim the cost of the depreciation schedule?

Yes, the full cost of the depreciation schedule can be claimed in the year that it is obtained.

What items in my investment property can I claim?

Your investment property will be split into two distinct sections. The capital works (Division 43) along with plant and equipment (Division 40)

Division 40 covers assets that have a shorter lifespan and can be depreciated at a faster rate. These items include cooking facilities, heating and cooling, floor and window furnishings. Many individual items are included in this category.

Division 43 covers the building and other items of a structural nature. These items include initial construction, extensions, renovations (both internal and external) and hard landscaping. Recognising these items is crucial to claiming the maximum possible in your particular case.

Do I need a new depreciation schedule each year?

No, a Bell tax depreciation schedule will last for the full depreciable life of the investment property (for up to 40 years). A once off competitive fee is all you pay for the full life of each property.

When are older properties not worth depreciating?

Only if they are built before 1985 without any renovations or improvements added after 1992.

Many older properties have substantial depreciation to be claimed.

Any structural improvements, either internal or external, that are added to the property after 1992 can be claimed by you.  It doesn’t matter that you didn’t conduct the works yourself. These items can be as large as an extension or renovation, garage, pergola or swimming pool. Smaller items such as restumping, roof renovation, concreting and retaining walls can also be claimed.

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